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OKNA 750 Options & Accessories - Awning Windows

Wonder Saver 750 Series Awning windows remain a wonderful seller here at Wonder Windows in Rochester.  Regardless of which specific model you select, you'll have the assurance of replacement windows that will function smoothly and properly for many years to come.  You can get them in any of our standard colors, or special order them in your choice of thousands of unique shades.

OKNA 750 Series windows are supported by an ultra-strong welded vinyl frame, and triple-reinforced weather stripping.  They are ideal for most types of Rochester homes, and according to scores of users, serve as a substantial way to increase energy-efficiency.

750 OKNA awning windows

750 Series Awning Windows

  • Unmatched air and condensation prevention with triple weather-stripping
  • Stunning lines and clean design make them suitable for all home styles
  • Argon gas-insulated for enhanced thermal efficiency
  • Wide opening and closing range for east care and cleaning
  • Comes with standard performance-grade mesh half-screen
  • Wonder Windows most popular energy-efficient performance window
  • Beveled outlines and edges are timeless & elegant appearance
  • Has a U-value rated at a very low 0.25 
  • High performance corrosion-resistant exterior and hardware
Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance

OKNA 750 Series Awning windows open wide to increase natural ventilation, while protecting your family and furnishings from potentially harmful outside particles.

For the highest level of all-around protection, your replacement awning windows can be upgraded to include additional or premium locks and hardware.  Choose from a wide selection of styles, protection levels and materials. Like all OKNA Series windows, your replacement Awning windows can be ordered in any of four standard colors including beige, white, earth tone, or bronze. 

Interior & Exterior Colors Window Colors

Premium hand cranks come standard on all OKNA 750 Series windows, making them super easy to clean and care for, while never interfering with your blinds, drapes, window treatments or adjacent fixtures.

Most Common Grid Patterns

Colonial Style Windows


Prairie Style Windows


Diamond Style Windows


ThruVision® Screens come standard on OKNA 750 Series windows, and help improve clarity, vision details and color, all while providing an extremely protective barrier from insects and other airborne compounds.

ThruVision Screen Window

ThruVision® Screen

Competitor's Screen Screen

Competitor's Screen