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OKNA 800 Series - Double Hung Windows

Call it the pinnacle of premium replacement windows if you will. OKNA 800 Series windows are as expertly designed as they are technologically advanced.  Patented Enviro-Star technology combines the highest caliber of workmanship, with a timeless design that has overtones of a more historic and prestigious look.  Each OKNA 800 window is custom made-to-order, so you'll always be assured of a snug and energy-efficient installation.

OKNA 800 Double Hung Window

800 Series - Double Hung

  • EnviroStar
  • Double weather stripped integrated locking meeting rail
  • Maintenance-free and multiple-chambered profile
  • Robust & long-lasting 3.25" precision-welded frame
  • Beautiful curves from a timeless colonial design style
  • Known for providing years of maintenance-free enjoyment
  • Superior thermal performance via patented Heatseal® spacer
  • Warm-edge technology virtually eliminates all condensation
  • We have an extensive selection of stunning window hardware
  • All 800 Series windows come standard with durable mesh Thru Vision screens
  • We can install additional locking mechanisms at your request
  • Perfect for window replacements & new builds in Rochester 
  • NFRC U-Factor: 0.26   Air Infiltration: 0.01   Solar Heat Gain: 0.30
Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance
OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows, feature a beveled profile with the elegance that can elevate the appearance and style of any home.  Its innovative design imparts the look and feel of real wood, with clean, traditional lines that add to their beauty.  They can be painted to match your home's siding or accents.  

The 800 Series offers the stunning beauty of real wood windows, without the maintenance that deters some.  Their innovative design and advanced features, make it the perfect double hung window in Rochester NY.  Choose from an endless spectrum of colors and features! 

OKNA 800 Series double-hung window corner


OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


The hardware and options on the 800 series, are tantamount to those found on more expensive wood windows.  They're the only vinyl windows in the OKNA line without an integrated-lift rail.  Choose from a wide selection of handles common to wood windows.      Easy-tilt latches and dynamic design make the 800 Series not only some of the best-looking windows, they're also among the easiest to clean, maintain and operate.  With a top sash that serves as one of its defining characteristics, we see yet another design element that is inherent to luxurious wood windows.

OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


Even the most seemingly-insignificant details have been taken into consideration, to give the 800 Series a look that is closer to wood than ever before.   Efficient, condensation-free water drainage is made possible by the 800 Series innovative one piece sloping sill.  Water runs in clean lies to prevent wear and discoloration.

OKNA 800 Series double-hung window latch


OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


Opening up more natural ventilation was never easier or more effective, thanks to ergonomic tilt actuator technolgy, coupled with its spring loaded ventilation system.   An integrated sill dam wall increases the strength of your new 800 Series wondows, while greatly minimizing the potential for leaks, corner gaps, or standing moisture.

OKNA 800 Series double-hung window lock


OKNA 800 Series double-hung window grove


An advanced bulb/gasket seal has been implemented to eliminate drafts, improve thermal efficiency provide even stronger acoustic insulation protection.  Double-layer weather stripping provides an air-tight seal that prevents heat or cold from entering or escaping.  Improve your comfort and cut your energy costs all year long!  

The OKNA 800 Series are equipped with ultra-high density reinforcement compounds which make them among the strongest, longest-lasting and most weather-resistent double-hung vinyl windows on the market today.  See why so many Rochester residents choose the 800 Series!

OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


When you incorporate the OKNA 800 Series into your home, you're getting access to some of the most advanced and innovative vinyl window technology to date.  They're designed to bridge the gap between performance, style, and long-lasting weather resistence.    The Deluxe version of the 800 Series also features extrusions that are filled with dense foam, to provide even greater climate protection and interior comfort. Ask your Wonder Windows consultant for more information on OKNA 800 Deluxe Series windows.

OKNA 800 Series double-hung windows


OKNA 800 Series double-hung window insulation