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OKNA 800 Series Options & Accessories - Double Hung Windows

Call it the pinnacle of premium replacement windows if you will. OKNA 800 Series windows are as expertly designed as they are technologically advanced.  Patented Enviro-Star technology combines the highest caliber of workmanship, with a timeless design that has overtones of a more historic and prestigious look.  Each OKNA 800 window is custom made-to-order, so you'll always be assured of a snug and energy-efficient installation.

OKNA 800 Double Hung Window

800 Series - Double Hung

  • EnviroStar
  • Double weather stripped integrated locking meeting rail
  • Maintenance-free and multiple-chambered profile
  • Robust & long-lasting 3.25" precision-welded frame
  • Beautiful curves from a timeless colonial design style
  • Known for providing years of maintenance-free enjoyment
  • Superior thermal performance via patented Heatseal® spacer
  • Warm-edge technology virtually eliminates all condensation
  • We have an extensive selection of stunning window hardware
  • All 800 Series windows come standard with durable mesh Thru Vision screens
  • We can install additional locking mechanisms at your request
  • Perfect for window replacements & new builds in Rochester 
  • NFRC U-Factor: 0.26   Air Infiltration: 0.01   Solar Heat Gain: 0.30
Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance

In addition to traditional Euro-white, Wonder Windows offers the 800 Series windows in three additional shades.  Of course, we understand that your imagination knows no boundaries, and we can custom order your new windows in literally thousands of colors.  The heat reflective coatings used to custom-color your windows are environmentally safe, and guaranteed to keep their beautiful appearance for years to come.

Okna 800 double hung window options and accessories

Hardware Finishes

To create a style and finish that reflects your unique taste our hardware is designed to harmonize with our different window styles and decor ideas. okna 800 window hardware finishes


Simulated Divided Light (SLD)

Simulated Divided Light (SLD)

Custom window grids are an outstanding way to give your new doors or windows a personalized look or unique architectural flare.  Regardless of the style or color you choose, we can show you a wide array of grids to complement any window or door.


5/8" Flat Grid between glass


11/16" Contour Gridbetween glass


For added elegance and performance, grids between glass, or GBG as they're also known, are constructed of sealed bars nestled between two glass panes.  Most commonly made of aluminum, grids between glass are an easy way to add a touch of nostalgia to your windows, while increasing their performance and longevity.  GBG grids can be ordered in a wide assortment of styles and colors.

Most Common Grid Patterns

Colonial double hung window pattern


Prairie double hung window pattern


Diamond double hung window pattern



Standard Window Screen

Standard Screen

Optional Locking Window Screen

Optional Locking Screen

Many believe that the integrity of a window is defined by its screen.  All 800 Series windows come with premium mesh screens, and can be installed with additional or enhanced locking systems for a nominal additional charge.  ThruVision® screen technology, designed to improve energy efficiency, also helps in deterring mosquitoes and other airborne pests, all while promoting a more ventilated interior environment. 

ThruVision Window Screen

ThruVision® Screen

Competitor's Window Screen

Competitor's Screen