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TrimLine 200 Series Options & Accessories - Double Hung Windows

Wood windows have a certain timeless prestige, that can only be appreciated by those who make them a regular part of their home or property.  Wonder Windows is proud to be among the leading installers of TrimLine DR200 and DR300 windows.

TrimLine Double Hung Window

TrimLine 200 Series

Energy-Tight Windows for comfortable living and fuel efficiency

  • Durable weather stripping prevents air leaks and drafts
  • Energy-efficient sill design to maximize beauty and efficiency
  • Add a picture window to match window/sight lines.
  • Choose from standard half screens, or a full-screen option
  • Beautiful locks available in white, bronze or bright brass
  • Windows over 28" come standard with 2 dual-action locking cams
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Easy Tilt Window System

Easy Tilt System

Unlike "ordinary" wood windows which employ awkward compression tilt systems, Trimline's unique recessed tilt latch and tilt/take-out design allows for easy removal for cleaning or finishing while providing aesthetic appeal. Tilt latch is available in white or beige color.

Easy Tilt Window System

Both upper and lower sash lock in place when tilted in for safe easy cleaning or removal
Locking balance shoes and non-spread pivot bars hold the tilted sash firmly in place for safer operation. Block and tackle balances never need adjustment!

Grille Options

TrimLine 200 Series Grille Options

Aesthetically appealing removable wooden grilles in 5/8" or 7/8" widths that can be painted or stained or 5/8" maintenance free in-glass aluminum muntins or combination wood and aluminum are also available.

TrimLine 200 Series Grille Options

For achieving that authentic divided lite look, Simulated Divided lites with permanent 7/8" wooden interior grille and permanent exterior muntin are also available.

Legends Series DR200 clad replacement double hung

Legends Series DR200 clad replacement double hung with 3 1/4" jamb shown with applied simulated divided lite grds.

Legends Series DR300 clad double hung with 4 9/16

Legends Series DR300 clad double hung with 4 9/16" jamb with snap-in nailing flange for new construction.

Legends Series DR300 clad 4 9/16

Legends Series DR300 clad 4 9/16" full jamb clad double hung available in standard sizes for new construction or custom sizes for remodeling shown in bronze clad finish.

Legends window Series DR200

Legends Series DR200 shown with 7/8" simulated divided lite muntins in western pine, permanently applied 6/6 pattern (also available in removable style for easy cleaning)

TrimLine 200 exterior window picture
Exterior View


DR200 window


DR200 window series