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Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer, a homeowner who’s new to WNY, or a residential builder, glass window blocks offer an entirely new world of creativity to help you enhance the unique look of your property or project.  In addition to their truly one-of-a-kind appearance, glass blocks are known to be highly energy efficient and durable, all while offering some of the best levels of privacy and security available.

Here at Wonder Windows in Rochester NY, we fabricate all of our own glass block windows onsite to ensure consistent precision and unbeatable performance.  They’re available in a diverse selections of sizes and styles, and because we manufacture them in-house, we’re able to offer them at the lowest guaranteed prices.

Wholesale Glass Block Windows

Discover the Advantages of Glass Window Blocks

As many homeowners already know, installing glass block windows is more than just a unique way to improve their look of your home or building.  They also offer some pretty impressive benefits that make them an excellent choice, including:

  • Can help reduce heating costs and utility expenses
  • Known to help improve both privacy and security
  • Can be used in basements, bathrooms or custom wall designs
  • Manufactured to eliminate drafts and prevent bugs
  • An effective way to distinguish the look of your home
  • Wonder Windows fabricates glass black windows in Rochester
  • Offering wholesale purchase, delivery and pro installation if needed

If you’re looking for an original way to enhance the style or energy efficiency of your property get in touch to learn why Wonder Windows is the best choice for glass blocks.  We build them onsite, offer professional installs, and 90 day same-as-cash financing to make the process more affordable.

Get in touch to learn more or check inventory by calling Wonder Windows in Rochester or Buffalo NY today at 585-654-7000.