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TrimLine 3000 Series - Picture Window

Wood picture windows, something cherished by those who genuinely love their windows, can be tailored to match your interior or exterior décor, while adding value to your home.  At Wonder Windows in Rochester, we're among the area's leading installers of premium TrimLine 3000 picture windows.

No matter where in your home you're considering a picture window, we will help you find the one that best defines you

TrimLine 3000 Series Picture Window

TrimLine 3000 Series

Energy-Tight Windows for comfortable living and fuel efficiency

  • The most energy-efficient wood picture window we carry
  • Available in oak, mahogany, western pine or cherry hardwoods
  • Highly-resilient 7/8' inch double & triple pane glass
  • We never use thin laminates or cheap veneers
  • Thoroughly-sealed triple layer weather strip protection
  • Precision-welded 3.25" mainframe with retrofit jamb potential
  • Years of effective moisture and condensation reduction
  • Pre-treated with safe water-repelling protective finish
  • TrimLine 3000 windows are a fitting replacement to vinyl picture windows
  • Dual cam locks included on picture windows over 28"
  • Extensive inventory of premium hardware and locks


Custom Hardware Options:  Your new awning windows will look and perform better, if you take the time to select premium hardware that works with TrimLine 3000 Series windows.  Our team will help you choose the best accessories from a wide variety of bronze, white, copper or bright brass options.

Removable Inserts:  Inserts can completely alter the look of your windows.  Wonder Windows in Rochester NY has the best selection of locks and hardware to complement your new Trimline 3000 picture windows.

ThruVisionÒ Screen Options:  Want a screen that improves the quality of your view, or one that can naturally repel insects and other winged pests?  TrimLine picture windows can be upgraded to performance screens, giving your new windows the perfect finishing touch.