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OKNA 520 Options & Accessories - Sliding Windows

In addition to being one of the most popular replacement windows here at Wonder Windows, the OKNA 520 Series window has features commonly found on more expensive designer windows.  They've soared in popularity in the past decade, and are a popular favorite here in Rochester. Artisan-inspired craftsmanship, coupled with distinct lines and a neutral design style, the 520 Series is ideal for those seeking a perfect balance of energy efficiency, low maintenance and traditionally modern design.  Enhance your window with stainless steel, brass or bronze handles and locking mechanisms.

Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance

There couldn't be an easier or more versatile way to customize your Series 520 replacement windows, than with your choice of decorative window grids.  Whether you opt for traditional grids, or prefer the style and elegance of grids-between-glass, Wonder Windows has a comprehensive selection of window accessories, hardware, handles, locking mechanisms and everything you'll need to make your window installation completely unique. 

Interior Options

Standard Euro-White finish and Standard Euro-White Lock

Standard Euro-White finish and
Standard Euro-White Lock

Optional Almond frame and Optional Almond lock

Optional Almond frame
and Optional Almond lock

Optional Cocoa frame and Optional Cocoa lock

Optional Cocoa frame
and Optional Cocoa lock

Exterior Colors


All colors except Euro-White are available at an additional charge.



5/8" Flat Grid between glass


11/16" Contour Gridbetween glass


When you choose the option of glass-between grids (GBG), you’ll have windows that impart the illusion of complex styling, while enjoying the simplicity of an easy-to-clean window.  GBG grid windows are traditionally made in aluminum with tightly insulated airspaces, and make a unique addition to any room or office.  They can be ordered in your choice of colors, locks and other installation options.

Most Common Grid Patterns

Colonial OKNA 520 sliding window pattern


Prairie OKNA 520 sliding window pattern


Diamond OKNA 520 sliding window pattern



Standard sliding window Screen

Standard Screen

Optional Locking sliding window Screen

Optional Locking Screen

All OKNA 520 windows from Wonder Windows in Rochester NY, come factory-installed with strong mesh screens and stylish yet durable handles and hardware.  ThruVisionÒ enhanced screens improve ventilation and inhibit the attraction of insects, spiders and other pests.

ThruVision sliding window Screen

ThruVision® Screen

Competitor's sliding window Screen

Competitor's Screen