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OKNA 820 Series - Sliding Windows

We stand firmly behind the quality of all OKNA 820 Series windows we install, and would easily compare them to premium brand windows costing two to three times as much.   Our 820 Wonder Choice windows have become increasingly popular in the past few years, due to their stylish appearance, reliable weather resistance, leading energy efficiency and overall value.

OKNA 820 Sliding Window

OKNA 820 Series

  • Perfect as replacement windows or in new construction projects
  • Carefully designed to work with almost any room or motif 
  • Includes standard half-screen made from premium fitted mesh
  • Automatic moisture and condensation prevention feature
  • Powerful 3.25" fusion-welded mainframe construction
  • Colonial inspired curves and bevels uniting strength and beauty
  • Designed to provide years of consistently-reliable performance
  • Multi-chambered vinyl profile for maintenance-free use
  • 820 Series windows utilize Heatseal® for improved efficiency 
  • Interlocking double-insulated weather stripping
  • Increased window security with a locking screen upgrade.*
  • NFRC U-Factor: 0.26   Air Infiltration: 0.05   Solar Heat Gain: 0.28
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3-lite sliding windows

As a leader in Rochester NY windows, Wonder Windows specializes in both 2-lite and 3-lite sliding windows. Choose exactly the windows that suit your needs.

  One of the most impressive attributes of the 820 Sliding OKNA windows, is the highly-elegant profile and design.  It has been crafted to unite high syle, uncompromising protection and years of reliable performance.

3-lite sliding windows


The 820 Series gives your home the look of much more expensive wood windows, while simultaneously giving you the protection and easy maintenance you demand from new or replacement sliding windows.   Sometimes you just want to open your sliding windows just enough to let in a light breeze, without compromising safety or peace of mind.  Spring loaded latches make for effortless operation and total convenience.

3-lite sliding windows


3-lite sliding windows


A standard slim sash profile and tamper-resistent cam design, makes the 820 series OKNA sliding windows last much longer than windows with traditional locking systems.

  To give your new sliding windows the most quiet operation possible, special bumbers come standard on all 820 Series windows.  Ask your Wonder Windows consultant why we proudly recommend OKNA sliding windows in Western NY.

3-lite sliding windows latch


3-lite sliding windows rail


Heavy duty rails have been specially-mounted on brass wheels, to provide effortless gliding motion that will make your 820 Series windows a joy to use!   Special foam-insulated extrusions can give your 820 OKNA sliding windows an even greater level of thermal and acoustic protection.

3-lite sliding windows latch


3-lite sliding windows insulation