It’s hard to imagine that, just a few months from now, this blustery heat that we’ve had in Western NY all summer will soon be a distant memory.  But winter has a way of sneaking up on us with little warning, and if your windows are old, damaged or functioning poorly, this is definitely the time to consider upgrading.  Older windows can result in higher heating bills, frigid drafts, and are notorious for criminals seeking easy entrance into unsuspecting homes.

If you’ve been thinking about having new windows installed, we strongly recommend that you do so before winter arrives.  Here are a few of the advantages of buying replacement windows while the weather is still nice.

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Faster, More Efficient Installation

You don’t need any reminders of how messy the winter months can be.  Snow, ice and slush aren’t impossible conditions for window installers, but it can definitely slow things down a bit.  Additionally, there can be a lot of back and forth from inside to outdoors as various stages of the installation, adjustment and inspection are being completed.  We like keeping our customer’s homes clean, but as you can imagine, it’s impossible to get every snowflake or drop off moisture off your shoes when old man winter isn’t cooperating.   

Natural Settling of Your New Windows

Anyone who knows their physics understands that heat causes many substances to expand.  So having your new windows installed during warmer months is a smart move, as it allows the window frames to naturally form a nice, snug fit with the surrounding structure.  As the temperature drops, the settling process is complete and you end up with a perfectly air-tight set of windows that are durable, stylish and more energy-efficient. 

Great Summertime Window Install Promotions

Wonder Windows, as well as many of the top window manufacturers, offer some of their best deals, promotions and sales on new replacement windows during the summer months.  This can range from discounts, triple-pane upgrades, installation incentives and more.  To learn about current promotions on replacement windows, get in touch with our staff and we’ll be happy to help.

For over 55 years Wonder Windows has been proudly serving residents in and throughout the WNY region, and we offer one of the area’s best selections of replacement windows from the most trusted manufacturers, and in a full range of styles and prices.  Get more detailed information or schedule a free in-home estimate by calling us today at 585-654-7000 in Rochester NY, or at 716-873-1600 in the Buffalo NY area.