When it comes to shopping for windows in Rochester NY, the word "best" gets thrown around quite a bit.  But what is it, truthfully, that makes a Rochester NY window & door company the best?  For some it means having the most comprehensive selection, the best window installers, or even the best customer service.

Here are just a few of the things that in our opinion, make a window company stand out above and beyond the competition.

Double Hung WindowResponsiveness Before & After the Sale

Anyone can go all-out when trying to get your business.  The mark of a window company with integrity, however, is the one that's there for you after you've paid.  You can tell a lot about a business whose service level doesn't change after the sale.  With windows, there will almost always be follow-up questions.  Choose the wrong installer and you might be left with only the internet to get your answers.

Top Window Brands at Affordable Prices

Let's be realistic for a moment; most good, hardworking people have no idea which window brands are good, and which ones are to be avoided.  How would they?  You know you're dealing with a highly-respectable company when they voluntarily take the time to explain the genuine differences to you.  The ability to make a truly informed decision, especially regarding your home, is the right of every homeowner.

2012 Angiest ListReal Experience Here in Rochester

There's a massive difference between the window installer with 4-5 years of experience, and the window installers with 40-50 years difference.  Sadly, a lot of part-timers and weekend installers will say anything needed to earn your trust.  By doing a little back end research and checking the history of the company in question, you'll know you're dealing with real professionals with real experience installing windows in Rochester.

If you're in the Rochester or Western NY area, and looking for a highly-experienced window company you can trust, Wonder Windows has over 50 years of professional experience and thousands of happy customers.

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