Making the decision to buy new doors is rarely based solely on appearance, and here at Wonder Windows, we understand just how much is at stake.  Whether you’re dealing with old doors that are damaged or drafty, a loose lockset, hardware that makes opening and closing a real chore, or doors that simply don’t line up properly, we go to great lengths to help you choose the new door that’s perfect for your home and family.

In the video below, the Wonder Windows staff gives you an overview of common reasons to replace older or poorly functioning doors, while explaining some of today’s most popular styles, options, security features and more.

It’s not until you’ve found the right one that you begin to appreciate what a simple and overlooked little luxury doors are. They’re used far more than we stop to think about, and over time the wear and tear can certainly begin to show.  Here are just a few of the benefits to having new residential doors installed:

  • Provides increased security to help deter and stop break-ins
  • Reduce drafts for a more comfortable interior temperature
  • Improve energy efficiency for lower heating and cooling bills
  • Add curb appeal for those selling or doing exterior remodeling
  • Premium entry, patio and security doors can improve home value

Buy New Doors Buffalo & Rochester NY

Discover Our Extensive Selection of New Residential Doors

Having served the Rochester and Buffalo areas for nearly 60 years now, you can take us at our word when we tell you that we know doors better than just about anyone in Western NY.  Wonder Windows stocks one of the region’s most diverse inventories of new and replacement doors from a variety of leading manufacturers, in a dazzling array of colors, styles and features to help you choose the perfect selection for your home.  Our team will walk you through all of the glass, trim and hardware options while addressing any questions or concerns you have.

To learn more about buying new doors in Rochester NY or Buffalo and why we’re a company homeowners trust, call Wonder Windows today at 585-654-7000 or write to us through our contact form.