If it feels like the weather in Rochester and Western NY has been getting colder and colder each winter, you’re not mistaken. The winters have been getting more intense over the past few decades, and this can take a real toll on your home’s windows.  This is especially true when it comes to older and aged residential windows.  Over time, they lose their structural integrity, seals degrade, handles and hardware fail to operate smoothly, and the list just goes on.  This combination is one of the main culprits of drafts and excessive heating bills during the season’s most frigid months.

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At Wonder Windows, we understand the importance of promoting a home that’s both comfortable and efficient year round, and proud to have served the Rochester and Buffalo regions for over 50 years.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for energy efficient windows in NY, and why Wonder Windows is a company you can have confidence in.

  • Older windows can have warped seals that allow drafts and cold air to enter 
  • Today’s replacement windows are designed to trap heat during colder weather
  • We’re known throughout NY for our diverse selection of energy-efficient windows
  • Innovative manufacturing provides windows with better energy efficiency ratings
  • Wonder Windows staffs a team of experts who understand today’s newest designs
  • Onsite and virtual online consultations available for your health and peace of mind

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your older windows to something a bit more modern, functional and energy efficient, Wonder Windows has been serving Rochester NY and Buffalo for six decades now.  We staff a team of highly skilled associates and installers, and offer affordable window financing to help make your project more affordable and manageable. 

To learn more about our replacement windows, services or installation options, or to schedule a free estimate online or safely at your location, get in touch through our contact page or call the location nearest you using the numbers below. 

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