replacement double hung For a purchase that you do only once or twice in a lifetime making the best decision about replacement Windows can be difficult. Let's talk about the top three things you should be considering when making this important decision when replacing your windows.

  1. Performance: Performance covers many things such as the energy efficiency of the window, the durability of the window and the guarantees that the window installer provides. Two of the biggest factors that are easier to understand and compare is the U-factor and air leakage AL rating. U-factor is a measurement of how much heat can escape from inside your home through the window.  The lower the you factor the more energy efficient window is. AL, air leakage measures the amount of air that can pass through the window and frame.the lower the AL number the more efficient a window is.  All Windows are required to have a sticker on them showing these two numbers.  Keep track of what you're being offered so that you can compare apples to apples.
  2. The company you work with.  In the world of Window installers there are many factors that you should consider.  How long have they been in business?  Do they use contractors to install your Windows?  What types of guarantees do they have? Ask the questions and take the time to get references, look at their testimonials, and look at online reviews.
  3. Pricing: in order to truly compare you got a look at apples to apples.  Do I need double pane or triple pane windows?  Are the performance numbers close or equal.  You can't compare a low performance window with a high-quality energy efficient product.

Of all the things that go into making an intelligent decision about this we feel these are the top things to consider and hope that this will make it easier for you to make the right choice on your replacement windows. If you live in Buffalo or Rochester and go through the winters that we do an investment in a better quality window can have a good payback.  Lowering your heating bills and/or air-conditioning costs can offset the difference in spending a little more.

For more on learning about performance measures read the story on understanding ratings.