Anyone who’s recently had replacement windows installed will be the first to admit that they offer a wide range of benefits.Improved looks, simplified function, better noise reduction, less maintenance, and the list goes on. For many, though, it’s all about creating a more energy-efficient environment at home. As windows age they have a tendency to warp slightly, which naturally allows cold air to enter. Over time, gaps that are almost impossible to detect can widen, resulting in more noticeable drafts, cold spots, and ultimately higher heating bills.

Replacing windows that are older, outdated, or damaged with more modern energy-efficient windows is among the most effective ways to keep cold air outside during the winter months, thus reducing how hard your furnace has to work. Here are just a few of the benefits of upgrading to energy-efficient replacement windows:

  • Energy-efficient windows create a more comfortable interior living space
  • Provides an immediate and significant decrease in drafts and cold spots
  • Furnaces function more accurately which can help reduce heating expenses
  • Replacing outdated windows can improve the appearance of your home
  • Boosts home value and curb appeal when listing your house on the market
  • Modern hardware technology provides easy function and improved security

Whether you’re most concerned with reducing your carbon footprint, promoting a more comfortable interior or enhancing your home’s appearance, installing energy-efficient windows is a decision that you certainly won’t regret. For more than 60 years, Wonder Windows has been helping homeowners in Rochester, Buffalo, and Western NY get the best deals on the industry’s highest-rated energy-efficient windows. Get in touch to learn more, schedule an appointment, or start a free quote.

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