Our poor, old, outdated patio doors… they take a beating all year long and end up nearly destroyed by the time we get around to replacing them.  As you'll learn in this article, there are ample reason to consider upgrading to a beautiful new sliding glass patio door.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Bar none, one of the most noticeable advantages of glass patio doors, is their ability to help lower your heat and cooling costs from day one.  Over the course of years or even decades, constant use results in cracks, gaps, splits and insulation deterioration.  Even the insignificant crack can let drafts and wind gusts enter, causing your heat or air to kick-in when not needed.  Replacing your old door with sliding glass is a cost-effective way to immediately resolve this.

Increase the Internal Comfort & Climate

New Sliding Patio DoorsNot only do drafty doors result in higher utility expenses, they leave your home colder in the winter and warmer during the summer months.  This can lead to increased cold and allergy flare ups, in addition to a whole host of various health concerns.  Upgrading to sliding glass doors has shown to be highly effective in improving and balancing the ambient temperature of your living space.

Keep Weather & Critters Outside

What do rain, snow, dirt, dust and disgusting little bugs have in common?  If there's a way in, they will find it.  Not only will replacement keep moisture, debris and allergens at bay, they can also provide an air tight barrier which makes it more challenging for insects, rodents and bacteria to find their way into your house.

Enrich the Feel & Beauty of Your House

Aside from the added benefits of a healthier, more energy-efficient and comfortable home, upgrading your patio to sliding glass is a wonderful way to improve its style and appearance.  They're available in a wide assortment of sizes, colors and designs, and can be fitted with hundreds of possible locking mechanisms, security options, handles and hardware.

If you've been toying with the idea of replacing your patio door, why not treat yourself to something that will last longer and keep your home more comfortable?  Wonder Windows has been serving the Rochester and Western NY area for 52 years, and has the most comprehensive selections anywhere in WNY.  Stop by or give us a call to learn more!