Window replacement is something that, inevitably, each and every homeowner will likely face at some point.  After all… this is Rochester NY, and we all know how damaging the weather can be on our homes.  Whether you're replacing a single window or an entire house full, there are some undeniable and little-known benefits to taking care of it during the late fall and winter months.

Less People Trying to Replace Their Windows at Once

Picture this scenario if you will:  It's June and you're looking to take advantage of the nice weather, while also accomplishing a major item on your home renovation list.  Why not replace those old windows, you think?  And while we commend your enthusiasm, the problem is that scores of other homeowners are thinking the same thing at exactly the same time.

When an entire community decides to replace their windows at once, this can lead to longer installation wait times, limited window inventory availability, and a number of other various concerns.  Of course, any Rochester NY window installers worth their salt will be able to handle the volume demands.  Often times, however, they rely on shipments of panes, glass, hardware and other essential items, and this is most commonly when delays can occur.

Pricing Incentives from Manufactures and Installers

Winter is a wonderful time to save money on window installs and replacements, and with good reason.  As mentioned above, it's the industry's slow season.  This, however, does not stop window manufactures from wanting to sell their products.  In fact, some of the industry's leading manufactures like Pella, Anderson, Marvin, JELD-WEN and others offer deep discounts to their installers and distributors, to encourage stronger off-season sales.

While we can't speak for our industry colleagues and competitors, we at Wonder Windows in Rochester use these discounts to offer stronger incentives to our local Western NY customers.  This is one of many reasons why it is important to learn and research as much as you can about the process of replacing your homes' windows.

Reap the Energy-Efficiency Benefits When it Matters Most

Some might argue that it makes no difference what time of year you replace your windows, but just ask anyone who has gone from old & outdated, to brand new and air-tight seals during a New York cold front.  When you make your replacements while the weather is cold, it affords you the opportunity to undoubtedly see and feel the difference.  Your home will feel more comfortable, it will take less time to heat (and come summer, cool) your home, drafts will be a thing of the past, and as many have reported, cold, flu and allergies are often minimized.

Rochester NY Winter Window Replacement

If you own a home or building in the Rochester area, and are looking to take advantage of the many off-season discounts and incentives to replace your windows, we invite you to call us and see the difference that 51 years of service makes.  Wonder Windows is the most experienced and well-established window company in Rochester, offering great deals and super-fast installs for those looking to replace during the winter months.

Give us a call today at 585-654-7000 to learn more, schedule a free in-home window consultation, or get answers to your questions from one of our staff experts.  Since 1962 we've been dedicated to making replacement window installation as fun and rewarding as possible.