As a homeowner, you want the best quality products for your home at the most affordable price. No homeowner or reasonable human being could ask for anything more than that. And while many salesmen will talk even the cleverest of adults into thinking that a huge expense on windows or doors will pay itself back in the end, we say, No way! We here at Wonder Windows make every possible effort we can to put you and your budget first. As a family-owned business, we avoid all association with cold corporate dealings so that we can provide you with warm business relations and warm homes with our new windows and doors.

Experienced Business Professionals Will Save You Time and Money

This company has been around for fifty years in the Rochester area, and its Buffalo location is brand new. But while this location is new, its business policies are tried and true. We won’t spring unexpected bills on you like other businesses will. Our technicians here at Wonder Windows are certified, trained, and experienced, which means that you’ll receive exactly the service you’re counting on without having to deal with shoddy installation practices or sneaky dealings. No, our people are up front and friendly, we love the work we do, and we’ll do it quickly and efficiently so that you aren’t waiting around for days for us to finish the job of installation.

Wide Selection for Affordable Prices

Our selection of products here at Wonder Windows is every homeowner’s dream. We have awning windows. We have bay windows. We have casement windows and double hung windows and sliding windows and more. We have steel and fiberglass entry doors, storm doors, sliding doors, and still more. You can choose from our wide selection of products, all for affordable prices, rather than be limited to two or three options with another company because you have a small budget.

Competitive Rates

At Wonder Windows we’ve made a special effort to keep our rates competitive. We can assure you that you won’t find better rates anywhere in western New York. Take a look around other companies and you’ll see that the best company for you is this one that’s right in front of you.


We know that no home expense is really very affordable. Windows and doors can get really expensive, especially if you install many of them at once. So out of concern for you and your budget, we will provide financing options for you so that you never have to turn down the products and services you need simply because they don’t work with your budget.

Future Financial Benefits

The best ways to save money on windows and doors will come to you in the future. You’ll make the world a better place by not contributing so much energy pollution into the environment. Energy efficient windows will reduce your heating bill and cooling bill and keep the home well insulated. And while you can’t take your replacement windows with you to a new house if you move, your home will increase in re-sale value so that you’ll get a better value for having made the choice to get new windows. The investment really will pay off, and if you work with us at Wonder Windows, it’ll pay off before you expect it.