The average Rochester, New York winter comes with strong winds, heavy snowfall, and the occasional sleet or hailstorm. Weak windows may not withstand these conditions. If your windows rattle, leak air, whistle, or show any of the following signs during winter storms, it may be time for window replacements. Don’t spend another winter miserable because of old or damaged windows. Contact Wonder Windows for a free estimate.

Replacement Windows Rochester NY

Cracked Glass

Cracked or broken windows may not survive another winter. Cold weather makes glass more brittle and susceptible to breaks. Already cracked glass could break further, or shatter entirely during a bout of bad winter weather. Cracked glass also lets cold outside air indoors, increasing your energy bills and leading to uncomfortable cold drafts inside. Replace your cracked windows now to avoid these issues in the coming months.

Warped Frames

Old wooden window frames may swell, bend, and warp with time and wet weather. This can lead to windows that don’t close all the way, rattle in windy conditions, or don’t open. A window that won’t seal shut or that rattles in winter can let cold air in and even break during particularly strong winds. One that won’t open due to a warped frame is a safety hazard if a house fire occurs during winter.

Cold Drafts

Outdated windows don't offer the same insulation or energy efficiency as modern models. On a cold day, hold your hand to the glass of your windows. If they feel very cold, they are most likely letting cold air in and raising your energy bills. The same is true if you feel cold drafts coming from the edges of your window. Drafts from old windows can make your home less comfortable and force your heating system to work overtime. It could be time for window replacement. Call us to schedule a window inspection today!