Lowest Window Prices in Rochester NY

When the time comes to upgrade or replacing your home's windows, one of the most popular options is undoubtedly multi-paned glass.  And while it's well understood that triple-pane windows comes with a slightly higher price tag, the benefits in both the short- and long-term are immense.

Since it's safe to assume that many homeowners have a decent understanding of double-pane windows, let's look at some of the key differences and advantages that come with an upgrade to triple glaze windows.

Superior Insulation

One of the fundamental roles of any window, is to protect those inside from the elements outside.  Living in the Rochester area means constantly dealing with extreme weather variations, making our windows the first line of defense against extreme heat, cold, wind and moisture.  Triple-glazed windows are designed and manufactured to provide exceptional protection against all types of harsh weather, making them ideal for those in the Western NY region.

Significant Noise Reduction

Reducing outside noise is of considerable importance to many, and triple-paned windows are known for their ability to provide unmatched noise level reductions.  In addition to their uniquely-durable three layer structure, advanced manufacturing creates a nearly impenetrable seal that has been shown to keep most outside noises exactly where they belong.

Increased Security

Unless you're in the market for shatterproof glass, there's no such thing as an unbreakable window.  Still, it's hard to argue with the fact that three layers provide more protection than one or two.  And since these definitely fall under the category of premium windows, the handles, hardware and locking mechanisms are traditionally of a higher quality and durability.

Improved Functionality and Window Lifespan

Unlike less expensive replacement windows, triple-glaze windows are specifically designed to last much longer than their single- and double-paned counterparts.  They incorporate the highest levels of manufacturing standards, undergo more intense research during development, and are tested extensively for smooth operation over many years.

Shopping for Triple Pane Windows in Rochester NY?

There are plenty of places to buy replacement window upgrades in Western NY, but when it comes to making such a significant investment in your home, having an established expert on your side will go a long way.  For over 50 years the professionals at Wonder Windows have been helping homeowners find the best windows at the best prices.  To learn more give us a call at 585-654-7000, or visit our showroom at 3535 Winton Pl Suite 1, Rochester, NY 14623.