Owning and restoring a Vintage home is, to many, the chance to own a piece of American history.  They have no shortage of charm, and are equally rich in their stories, memories and restoration possibilities.  So regardless of whether you're the home's owner, a caretaker, or the historic property's facility director, the topic of improved energy efficiency clearly comes up from time to time.  And when the topic does present itself, windows typically find themselves at the heart of the discussion.  How do you retain the timeless aesthetics of a vintage home, while upgrading to replacements that offer superior performance and improved energy efficiency?

Here are a few qualities to consider when upgrading your historic home with energy-efficient replacement windows.

vintage home with energy efficient replacement windows

Fade Protection

When we talk about window fade protection, we're essentially talking about the integrity and clarity of the glass used during manufacturing.  It's one of the defining features of the highest quality energy-efficient windows, and plays a fundamental role in everything from UV protection and visibility, to long term performance and the visual aesthetics.  Sierra Pacific's Super Sun Blocker with IS-15 Coating offer among the highest-rated fade protection properties, and are ideal for those seeking long-term performance and timeless looks from wood replacement windows.

Insulation Value

There's a misconception that sound-reducing windows need to be big and bulky, and that they moreover don’t do what they claim.  The truth is that we just need to pay more attention to insulation value ratings, a measure which ranks a window's heat and cold trapping potential.  Older homes are notoriously drafty, and the combination of drafty homes and outdated windows is a recipe for big energy bills.  When it comes to uniting vintage looks and unsurpassed window insulation, Sierra Pacific offers the option of Triple Pane Low-E to further enhance year-round draft protection.

Solar Heat Gain Control

This is something that’s especially pertinent to vintage home owners in cold weather climates, as it plays a decisive factor in how efficiently or poorly your house conserves energy.  UV and solar window protection comes from a special glaze that's applied during manufacturing; the higher the solar heat gain coefficient, the better they'll be at utilizing and trapping heat and cold.  The Sierra Pacific Passive Solar Low-E 80/70 has received the highest ratings in all three of the aforementioned categories among wood window replacements, and blends beautifully into even the most vintage home styles.

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