Anyone who’s lived in Europe surely knows the OKNOPLAST name. It’s one of the area’s most popular brands of new construction windows and patio doors, and the ongoing demand for their line in the US is what eventually brought them to the states.  As the leading provider of new windows in Buffalo & Rochester NY, Wonder Windows is excited to announce that we’re now carrying the entire line of premium quality OKNOPLAST windows and patio doors.  If you’ve been looking for a way to give your home a distinguished new look, we invite you to discover what makes them so popular.

OKNOPLAST windows and patio doors are renowned for their artisan-inspired design and craftsmanship, unmatched thermal protection, and virtually limitless customization options.  Here are just a handful of reasons to call Wonder Windows for new OKNOPLAST windows in Buffalo and Rochester NY.

  • Manufactured in Europe using the most select materials and process
  • Reinforced to provide superior thermal protection and energy-efficiency
  • Available in over 60 colors and a diverse selection of sizes, shapes and designs
  • Fully-customizable with accents and trim to match any interior or exterior
  • OKNOPLAST Patio doors are built to last long while offering enhanced security
  • Wonder Windows offers expert service and professional OKNOPLAST installation

If you’ve been considering replacing your home’s older or outdated windows, but want something that’s a step outside the conventional, you’ve got to check out the OKNOPLAST line.  The experts at Wonder Windows have been helping homeowners in Western NY for over 50 years, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have about placing an order, pro installation, financing options and more.

Reach out anytime during regular showroom hours using the phone numbers below, or drop us a line 24/7 via email by writing to the Wonder Windows staff through our website’s contact form.

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