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Ensuring the most energy-efficient windows is a matter of great concern to more and more homeowners these days, and we at Wonder Windows are here to  ensure that you make the best choice for years to come.  This includes helping our customers find windows rated highest in terms of air infiltration, or air leakage as it’s sometimes referred to.  For those new to the term, it represents how many cubic feet of air can pass through a window at a consistent 25 mph gust, based on the window’s size and other factors.

To learn more about window air infiltration and other helpful tips on choosing the most energy-efficient windows for your home, call the experts at Wonder Windows today.  We proudly serve the Rochester NY and Buffalo areas, and bring over 50 years of expert experience to every job.

Air Leakage (AL) "OK this is a big deal in the Northeast"
AL measures the rate air passes through the window. This has to do with the frame and how well the window fits in the frame to stop air moving in or out of your home. AL is measured in cubic feet of air moving through 1 sq.ft. of window area / minute. The lower the AL value, the less air escapes or enters your home.

Building codes (Industry standards) require an AL of 0.3 cf·m/ft².
Obviously the better the frame and fit the more a window may cost. LOWER IS BETTER

(AL) Ratings for our OKNA Windows are Simply Amazing