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OKNA 500 Series Options & Accessories - Double Hung Windows

There are more than a few reasons why OKNA 500 Series windows are regarded among the best-selling windows anywhere in Western NY.  Combining the reliability and performance of a foam-filled window, with the energy-efficiency features needed to lower monthly heating & cooling bills, OKNA 500 Double-Hung windows are a perfect option for those seeking looks, reliability and energy-efficient performance.

Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance

The right grid can make for a perfect looking set of windows.  To assist you in tailoring exactly the look for your property, Wonder Windows allows you to customize your windows with grids to match your home and décor.  We also specialize in GBG grids, or glass-between-grids, a favorite if you’re looking for a window that is easy to clean.

OKNA 500 Series windows come with premium handles and hardware, in addition to factory-installed half screens.  All screens can be easily removed from inside, making them effortless to store or clean.  We also offer screens with locking hardware, for families seeking even greater security and peace of mind.

okna 500 double hung window colors and options



5/8" Flat Grid between glass


11/16" Contour Grid between glass


Are you looking for a stunning design detail to instantly set your home apart both inside and out? A choice of decorative grids for your windows & doors can highlight the architectural style that speaks to you.

Grids between glass (GBG) consist of aluminum bars sealed in the insulating airspace between the two panes of glass. Because the interior and exterior glass surfaces are not affected, cleaning your windows is a much easier task. GBG grids on two tone windows are available with matching interior and exterior colors.

Most Common Grid Patterns

Colonial double hung window pattern


Prairie double hung window pattern


Diamond double hung window pattern



Standard Window Screen

Standard Screen

Optional Locking Window Screen

Optional Locking Screen

Patented ThruVision® screens come standard on 500 Series windows, to help improve clarity and visibility, while promoting better ventilation and hindering the presence of bugs, mosquitoes and other unwanted critters.

ThruVision Window Screen

ThruVision® Screen

Competitor's Window Screen

Competitor's Screen