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OKNA 800 Series Performance - Double Hung Windows

Call it the pinnacle of premium replacement windows if you will. OKNA 800 Series windows are as expertly designed as they are technologically advanced.  Patented Enviro-Star technology combines the highest caliber of workmanship, with a timeless design that has overtones of a more historic and prestigious look.  Each OKNA 800 window is custom made-to-order, so you'll always be assured of a snug and energy-efficient installation.

OKNA 800 Double Hung Window

800 Series - Double Hung

  • EnviroStar
  • Double weather stripped integrated locking meeting rail
  • Maintenance-free and multiple-chambered profile
  • Robust & long-lasting 3.25" precision-welded frame
  • Beautiful curves from a timeless colonial design style
  • Known for providing years of maintenance-free enjoyment
  • Superior thermal performance via patented Heatseal® spacer
  • Warm-edge technology virtually eliminates all condensation
  • We have an extensive selection of stunning window hardware
  • All 800 Series windows come standard with durable mesh Thru Vision screens
  • We can install additional locking mechanisms at your request
  • Perfect for window replacements & new builds in Rochester 
  • NFRC U-Factor: 0.26   Air Infiltration: 0.01   Solar Heat Gain: 0.30
Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance
* Okna       Energy Star Comparison To
Glazing Option U-Value SHGC VT CR Minimum* Energy Star Minimum
Dual Glazed            
with ESP 0.28 0.29 0.53 62 0.30 7% Better
Deluxe 0.26 0.29 0.53 62 0.30 13% Better than ENERGYSTAR®
Triple Glazed            
with ESP 0.22 0.25 0.42 69 0.30 27% Better
Deluxe 0.20 0.25 0.42 72 0.30 33% Better than ENERGYSTAR®
U-Value, SHGC, VT, CR values may slightly change for windows made with GBG (Grids Between Glass)
  • SHGC - Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
  • VT - Visible Transmittance
  • CR - Condensation Resistance
  • Deluxe - ESP & Foam
  • * Northern Climate Zone
    Industry Comparison To
  Our Windows Minimum Industry Minimum
AAMA Rating (38 x 63) R60 R15  
Air Infiltration cfm/ft2 0.01 0.3 3000% Better than ENERGYSTAR®
Water Penetration mph 59 33 79% Better than ENERGYSTAR®
Structural Integrity mph 187 94 99% Better than ENERGYSTAR®

Water Penetration mph - Specifies wind load pressure in mph a window can withstand without leaking, under rain equivalent to 8" per hour. Structural Integrity mph - Wind load in mph a window can withstand before breaking.

All results numbers are based on tested window sample by NFRC & AAMA testing window guidelines. Use for comparison purposes only. Actual values may vary depending on installation, size of the window, and other conditions.