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As one of Europe’s most popular lines of premium windows, the OKNOPLAST series is now available here in the United States and no one has a better selection than the experts at Wonder Windows.  From their innovative design and durability to their leading-edge technology and thermal protection, we invite you to learn more about what makes OKNOPLAST such a popular choice among today’s homeowners. 

Exceptional Quality

Quality design has always been at the core of the OKNOPLAST window line, and their unique manufacturing process makes them one of the most durable and desirable anywhere in today’s market.  Innovative 6-chamber profiles with bent-steel reinforcements ensure a more stable structure, while allowing for simplified use and durable performance over a longer lifespan.  This novel design also helps improve energy efficiency, thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Fully Customizable

With over 60 colors to choose from and nearly boundless options when it comes to size and shape, OKNOPLAST windows are the perfect choice for homeowners or builders looking for windows that push the boundaries of style.  Each window can be customized to create the perfect setting for any home, and your Wonder Windows professional is here to help you find just the right look.

Integrated Smart Technology

OKNOPLAST Windows are designed with smart technology, allowing you to open and close them directly from your phone or connected device.  This has made them a favorite among homeowners seeking enhanced control while away from home, in other parts of the house, as well as those with disabilities and physical limitations.  OKNOPLAST voice command is easy to operate and yet another reason why they’re in a class of their own.

Unrivaled Security

Of the many benefits that make OKNOPLAST windows so desirable, are the wide-ranging security features built into each window.  This includes patented sash and frame reinforcements, double security points, dual latches and their famed burglar-proof glazing.  If you demand the highest security from your home’s windows, OKNOPLAST is one of the best decisions you can make.

Interested in learning more about OKNOPLAST windows for your upcoming remodeling project or new build?  Wonder Windows is an authorized dealer and extremely knowledgeable on their many unique features and benefits.  Get in touch today for complete information and let us know how we can make your new windows the best they can be!

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