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OKNA 420 Options & Accessories - Sliding Windows

OKNA 420 Sliding windows deliver top-of-the-line performance at prices that are pleasing to most budgets.  They're marked by their quality design and craftsmanship, clean yet modern lines, and easy to open and close functions.  Moreover, the 420 Series offers significant energy-efficiency on par with windows that cost twice as much.  Get the perfect union of performance, style and sustainability with Wonder Saver windows in Western NY.

Like all OKNA Series windows, the 420 Wonder Saver sliding windows are custom built to order, based on the specific size, color and dimensional requirements of your home or building.  Wonder Windows also offers a full selection of window accessories, including hardware, locks, handles and more.

OKNA 420 sliding window

OKNA 420 Series

  • Exceptionally strong fusion-welded mainframe design
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency from Heatseal® warm-edge spacing
  • Designed to minimize moisture formation and condensation
  • Comes with factory-installed mesh half-screens
  • Dual weather strip protection enhances comfort and energy efficiency
  • Can be upgraded with locking screens for better security
  • Wonder Windows offers expert professional installation
  • NFRC U-Factor: 0.28  Air Infiltration: 0.01  Solar Heat Gain: 0.29
Overview - Options & Accessories - Performance

OKNA 420 Series windows can be ordered in your choice of four popular shades: bronze, beige, white and earthtone.  Feel like going against the grain and colorizing your new windows?  No problem… Wonder Windows offers special order replacement windows in Rochester and the WNY area, in thousands of vibrant colors.  All paints are produced to be environmentally-friendly and safe.

Interior Options

Standard Euro-White finish and Standard Euro-White Lock

Standard Euro-White finish and
Standard Euro-White Lock

Optional Almond frame and Optional Almond lock

Optional Almond frame
and Optional Almond lock

Optional Cocoa frame and Optional Cocoa lock

Optional Cocoa frame
and Optional Cocoa lock

Exterior Colors


All colors except Euro-White are available at an additional charge.



5/8" Flat Grid between glass


11/16" Contour Gridbetween glass

Whether you prefer the simplicity of traditional aluminum window grids, or the sophistication of grids-between-glass, you can rely on the professional installers at Wonder Windows to help you select the perfect grid.

If you're a fan of home improvement shows or are a regular do-it-yourselfer, you've likely admired the stunning design of customized grids-between-glass.  They're extremely durable and eye-catching, last an extraordinarily long time, and can add a touch of style to even the most simplistic décor scheme.

Most Common Grid Patterns

Colonial okna 420 sliding window pattern


Prairie okna 420 sliding window pattern


Diamond okna 420 sliding window pattern



Standard sliding window Screen

Standard Screen

Optional Locking sliding window Screen

Optional Locking Screen

Your OKNA 420 Series windows come factory-installed with a durable mesh screen, and solid yet easy-to-slide hardware and locking mechanisms.  Options include additional or enhanced locks, customized colors, special handles and hardware.  Protect your family from bugs and insects, while enhancing natural breeze and ventilation with patented ThruVision® screens.

ThruVision sliding window Screen

ThruVision® Screen

Competitor's sliding window Screen

Competitor's Screen