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  • A solid Advanced Polymeric Composite (APC) frame and sash giving you no foam filling or a hollow frame. The fully welded construction ensures stability, strength, and years of long lasting performance.

  • Starmark Double Hung have well design rigid, extruded interlocks at the meeting rail with a pile (A) and seamless foam compression (B) seals that minimize air leakage and significantly improve thermal performance.

  • The modern exterior design of this window brings elegance to any home and matches well with almost every style of siding. From vinyl to brick you cannot go wrong!

  • Our one piece solid sloped sill improving drainage and eliminate clogged and frozen weep holes. Unique design with dual dam leg (A), bulb gasket seal (B) and pile seal (C) reduces air infiltration and improve overal performance of our window.

  • Beautifully designed handles on top and bottom sashes, allow for smooth operation.

  • A butt joint fusion weld gives this window the classic appearance of a wood window.

  • A New Victorian SDL Grids will provide more authentic look, similar to that of a traditional or vintage window.Only available on the exterior of the windows.Grids are available in white or colors to match products exterior.

  • Our Double Hung window is very easy to clean because of the variety of ways that you can tilt and open them – this is especially convenient for homes with more than one level.


Interior Options

Starmark Evo Windows come standard in Euro-White. In addition, we offer 3 beautiful wood laminates to match any decor and style.



Melrose Cherry

Dark Oak

Onyx Black

Exterior Options

All colors except Euro-White are available at an additional charge. Colors on screen may not match the products actual color. Please visit a local dealer to view color samples.

**All Painted Double Hung Windows Must Have A Full Screen**



Terra Brown


Basic Brown


Nicol's Black

Custom Colors


To create a style and finish that reflects your unique taste, our hardware is designed to harmonize with our different window styles and decor ideas.


Antique Brass

Brushed Nickel

Matte Bronze


Looking for a stunning design to instantly set your home apart both inside and out? A choice of decorative grids can highlight the architectural style that speaks to you. GBG (grids between glass) consists of aluminum bars sealed in the insulation airspace between the two panes of glass. Because the interior and exterior glass surfaces are not affected, cleaning your windows is a much easier task. GBG grids on two tone windows are available with matching interior and exterior colors. Your windows is incorrect.

SDL (Simulated Divided Light)permanent interior and exterior grids will provide a truly authentic look. Interior grids are available in Euro-White or colors to match products exterior.

Flat Grid

Contour Grid

SDL Grid

Victorian SDL Grid

Grid Patterns

Are you looking for a stunning design detail to instantly set your home apart both inside and out? A choice of decorative grilles for your Starmark Windows can highlight the architectural style that speaks to you.

*Diamond grid pattern not available in SDL or woodgrain GBG




Glass Options

Starmark Windows offers textured glass in a variety of distinctive choices that add visual interest to any design while offering variability in light control. With a range of options at your fingertips, you can find a standard glass texture for virtually every application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern.

Obscure Glass

Niagara Glass


ThruVision Plus is our fiberglass improved visibility screen. This product does for windows and doors what high-definition technology has done for television viewing; It improves the view by making it sharper and more vivid.

Industry Average Screen

ThruVision Plus Screen

Series Starmark-EVO 7500 Series Starmark-EVO 7500 Series
Triple Pane Standard Standard
Double Pane Optional Optional
Model Name Super Deluxe Deluxe
Glass Panes Triple Pane Double Pane
U-Factor 0.18 0.26
Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) 0.25 0.29
Visible Transmittance 0.41 0.53
Condensation Resistance 75 62
Design Pressure DP75 DP70
Structural Performance R55 R55
Air Infiltration 0.03 0.03
Foam-Filled Frames Advanced Polymeric Composite Advanced Polymeric Composite
Screen ThruVision PLUS ThruVision PLUS
Manufacturer's Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Our Labor Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Glass Breakage Free Free
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Yes* Yes*

*with triple pane glass

All results numbers based on tested window sample by NFRC and AAMA testing guidelines.
Used for comparison purposes only. Actual values may vary depending on installation, size of the window and other conditions

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